Qingyuan Mountain, reputed as “The No.1 Fairy Mountain in the Seas of Fujian Province” is one of the National Parks of China, a national dual heritage in nature and culture made public in the first batch by the state, keeping each other company with the renowned historic city, Quanzhou. Since the Tang dynasty, Quanzhou has been a tourist attraction in the southeast coast of China. The saying that “It is a fabulous place unparalleled in Bamen (Fujian), and a land with most multitudinous talents in the four seas (the country)” is a lively reflex that the famous mountain and the well-known city add radiance and beauty to each other... More Details>>
Copyright: Fujian Quanzhou Qingyuan Scenic Area
Address: Quanzhou Qingyuan potential to rock northern suburb PC: 362000
Getting There: You can take city bus 3 Road, 10, 15, 45, 30 Road, 601 Road to reach the
TEL:0595-22778623 FAX:0595-22778623